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Excitement Happy Thrilling Power 4 Pack Set

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Party Party Time

The party has only just begun! Enjoy 40 new Party Party Time minigames!

Party on!
The Excitement Pack and Happy Happy Pack and Thrilling Party Pack and Party Power Pack are now available as a downloadable content bundle!

"The Excitement Happy Thrilling Power 4 Pack Set" includes the following contents:

40 New Minigames:
23 Competitive Games
- Runaway Balls
- Dance This Way
- Stack 'n' Block
- Dodgebomb
- Sucker Punch
- Bouncing Ball Bazooka
- Strike Spin
- Arrow Aim
- Ball Darts
- High and Low
- Quick Draw
- Shoot to Score
- Buoyant Battle
- Swing 'n' Jump
- Robot Race
- Jetpack Flight
- Block Walls
- Coin Slide
- Bouncing Battle
- Park Together
- Tower Balance
- Human Pinball
- Dig Dig Diamond
17 Co-op Games
- UFO Collectors!
- Try-Umph
- Block Labyrinth
- Bang! Bang! Hammer
- Boss Fight
- Floating Blocks
- Sheep Herding
- Block Fit
- Wash It Clean!
- Point Ball
- Perfect Gears
- Maze Together
- Domino Domino
- Silhouette Puzzle
- Break Shot
- Face Off! Tug of War
- Align and Erase

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Product information

Release date

December 11, 2023


ESRB rating