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Early Bird Pack

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Get yourselves prepared for your important postal duties with this selection of employee themed accessories! Look the part, unlock new objectives and gain extra stamps with the Experimental Postal Pack contraption!

Experimental Postal Pack Backwear - Unlock additional mini-games exclusively with the Experimental Postal Pack accessory! Gain extra stamps to buy in-game accessories from completing these additional, fun tasks!

Zuni the Baby Octopus Backwear - Zuni would love nothing more than to ride along on Jeff and Debra’s back as they perform their postal duties!

Cassowary Cowl Facewear - The Telepost cassowary team are not known for their observational skills, so disguise yourself as one with this wearable mask!

Buck’s Big Bushy Beard Facewear – Fortunately Telepost chief Buck Hamm has a good sense of humor, so he’ll probably appreciate the kiwis imitating his trademark look with this set!

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Early Bird Pack

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August 31, 2021

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3 MB