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Nintendo Switch

DYSMANTLE: Underworld

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Embark on a new adventure into the Underworld.

Answer to the Call of Mana and embark on a new adventure into a world beyond. Unlock powerful new abilities that will also help you on your journey on the main island.


* Explore a vast new Underworld open world map.
* New Quests and mysteries to solve. What happened in 1930s? What is the Ivory Mountain Co.?
* New Recipes and Skills. Craft new gear and look smart in a Pin Stripe Suit.
* Fight new monsters with new weapons like the Crossbow and the Sawed-off Shotgun.
* Add new building options to your Builder's Kit.
* Make life easier. Unlock fast travel between camps. Start mass farming with the new Mana Seed Bag.

NOTE: new content is available after you've left the gates of the first area in the base game. A new Main Quest will pop up automatically after camping.

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ESRB rating

Blood, Violence

Product information

Release date

November 15, 2022


ESRB rating

Game file size

3 MB