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Demon Turf: Bundle

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Demon Turf:
The Demon World is inhabited by all kinds of nasties... Most of them lumped into gangs battling for dominion, each led by its own head honcho. Yet even these bad dudes are no match for the Demon King himself! Instead, the task falls to Beebz, a young demon barely a thousand years old, who decides it’s time for her to kick every turf leader’s butt and become the Demon Queen herself.

Demon Turf: Neon Splash
Woah! Beebz and her friends were sucked into the neon splattered world of a painting and need to get the heck outta there! Can you escape these dangerous & surrealist environments, using your platforming skills, to get back home?

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Product information

Release date

May 26, 2022

ESRB rating

Game file size

5.6 GB