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The Battle of Polytopia

The Cymanti are a group of Polytopians who moved to the swampy forests and learned to live with the Ciru Bug, which attaches to their faces and merges with their brains

Have you ever felt that the cute denizens of the Polytopian world needed more bugs in their lives? Well, you’re in luck, because the Cymanti have come from the heart of the wetlands to infest the Square through the power of gigantic bugs and poisonous fungus!

The Cymanti are a breakout group of Polytopians who moved to the swampy forests long ago and learned to live in symbiosis with the incredible Ciru Bug, which attaches to their faces and merges with their brains! These bug-loving Polytopians cultivate fungus that they use to feed their population and defend themselves from invaders! Led by a mystical Shaman, the Cymanti train gigantic bugs, use their enemies to fertilize their fungi farms, and bathe their foes in crippling poisons to vanquish all who would threaten their marshy home!

Cymanti Features:

* Bring the horrors of brutal insectoid warfare to the Square!

* Outfit massive bugs for war!

* Douse your opponents in a steady stream of sickening poisons!

* Grow fields of toxic fungi, fertilized by the corpses of your enemies!

* Unleash nimble Hexapods for hit-and-run tactics!

* Create bridges of Algae that let your units walk on water!

* Release huge swarms of flying venomous Phychi!

* Create huge Centipedes that can grow and span over several tiles!

* Splash armies with toxins through long-range bombardment from the Exida!

* Tame the mighty Doomux which can EXPLODE into a cloud of toxic death!

* Release the hydrophilic Rachi to decimate an enemy armada!

* Defend your cities with the exceptionally hardy Kiton!

* Boost your already formidable forces with the magic of a Shaman!

* And much, much more!

No need to wish you were just a fly on the wall, you can buy the creepy, crawly Cymanti right now!

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Release date

October 12, 2022


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3 MB