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Nintendo Switch

Cronostase Electric Collection

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350 levels of puzzle fun!

A collection of 7 different puzzle game modes (each with 50 levels) based on the box-pushing “Sokoban” genre of games. The game modes are all circuitry/electricity themed, but don't worry: prior knowledge of circuitry is not necessary.

(Note: you will NOT be a certified electrician after completing the game.)

The modes include:
Lighton - Assemble a circuit and turn on all the lights. Watch out though, if you make a short circuit it will EXPLODE!
Lighton: Duo - Assemble circuits, but be careful: you can switch between yellow and blue modes and can only move the same colored circuitry!
Puzzle Light - Complete circuitry by swapping the position of two static tiles.
Puzzle Light: One Move - A logic puzzle where you must figure out how to complete the target with a single move!
Puzzle Light: Rotate - Complete circuitry by rotating circuitry tiles in place.
Puzzle Light: Slide - This time your tiles can only be slid around the game board in a cardinal direction and won't stop until they hit another tile or a wall.
Puzzle Light: Connect - Move the whole circuit around as you pick up more pieces!

* 7 different game modes
* 350 level different puzzle levels (50 per mode)
* Clean, minimalist graphics

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Release date

November 16, 2022

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TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

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106 MB

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