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Counter Bunny Hop - Strike Go Simulator Xtreme Deluxe 3D Shooter

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Improve your skills at bunny hopping by mastering the game controls! Complete the various challenges of the game and learn to complete them as quick as possible!

Counter Bunny Hop - Strike Go Simulator Xtreme Deluxe 3D Shooter is an amazing game with an interesting mode where players have to jump from platform to platform to complete the levels and advance. This game is made for the player to experience joy from the gameplay, or to train his skills at bunny hopping.
There are no victories to achieve and no winners to be announced. Nearly all the game features that are designed in this mode are made only for walkthroughs and skill improvement. As the player goes further. the levels of the game become more and more complicated. There you can play challenging maps, where you will have to complete them as quick as possible, difficulties will cause your interest to rise, and old school bunny hopping players will feel nostalgic. Feel the new take on the popular bunny hopping game genre.
You can jump and bunny hop in first person mode with Counter Bunny Hop.
You can prove that you are a real a bunny hopping master with the scores and time challenges that you will get. You must continuously turn right or left while synchronously jumping at the same time to be able to succeed at the bunny hopping game mode.
With Counter Bunny Hop you can get new rankings by doing parkour quests. If you can really do it, you will be a Counter Bunny Hop master.

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Release date

August 4, 2022

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ESRB rating

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Handheld mode

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393 MB

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