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Nintendo Switch

Classic Games

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Introducing the "Classic Sports Extravaganza" - a triumphant collection of three universally beloved games that have been cherished around the globe for generations: Bowling, Table Tennis, and Darts.

Bowling: Roll to Victory

Slide into your favorite bowling shoes and embrace the timeless thrill of this accessible and engaging game. Knock down the pins in style by carefully selecting your shot's position, power, and direction. Challenge a friend to a head-to-head showdown or take on the formidable computer-controlled artificial intelligence (AI) player. Victory is a challenging pursuit in the world of bowling - are you up to the task?

Table Tennis: Ping Pong at Its Finest

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of table tennis, right at your fingertips on the Nintendo Switch™. Whether it's a friendly match with family or an intense duel against the cunning AI opponent, the joy of ping pong awaits. Explore three distinct difficulty levels and master the art of the angle shot, executed by deftly stroking the ball and swiftly changing direction. Table Tennis brings the thrill of the table to your screen anytime, anywhere.

Darts: Precision and Strategy Unleashed

Grab your darts and take aim in this incredibly realistic and easily accessible darts simulation game, ready for action wherever you are. Modelled after the classic 501 dart game, your mission is to reduce your score to zero using as few dart throws as possible. Test your precision, aim for doubles and triples, and outwit your opponents in 15 thrilling rounds. Whether you're challenging a friend or pitting your skills against the cunning AI player, victory in darts is a rewarding conquest.

Join the ranks of those who have grown up revelling in the excitement of these classic sports. The "Classic Sports Extravaganza" is your gateway to endless hours of fun and competition. Whether you're seeking strikes in the bowling alley, paddle-to-paddle battles in table tennis, or the precision of the dartboard, these timeless games await your mastery. Step up to the challenge, and let the games begin!

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October 12, 2023


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