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Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator - COOKING LAB

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Chef Life:  A Restaurant Simulator

Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator

Thousands of new recipes are available to you with the free COOKING LAB pack.

Have you reached the top and mastered every recipe? Do you want to overhaul your menu and refresh your cuisine?

Enter the COOKING LAB, the new cooking station you can use to create your own recipes from thousands of combinations.

You just need to choose the core element of your dish, the accompaniments, and a sauce or garnish depending on your preference. And don't forget to add your chef's touch!
That's it, you've created your signature dish! Simply give it a name and add it to your menu!

Change the ingredients, mix up the flavour harmonies and create your own combinations to offer new à la carte dishes.

Unleash your creativity, expand your recipe collection and surprise your customers with this new free content.

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Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator - COOKING LAB

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Release date

February 26, 2024


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3 MB