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Checkers Quest Bundle

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Capture them all

Checkers for Kids is a traditional and inspiring board game which attracts the attention of younger audience. There are lots of unique toys you can choose to play with and customize even further with your favorite addons. Black and white is too boring for you? Change up your playground however you want. And if you are tired and want to relax, just play with your pet fish which will cheer for you during your games against family and friends! If there's no one around to compete with, no need to worry: a skillful AI player will gladly play with you. To make it more accessible for players all over the world, the game offers a lot of settings to test all possible modes of checkers.
Grab your favorite toy and improve your logic thinking while having fun!

★ Single-player and multiplayer modes
★ Over 20 toys to play with
★ Changeable addons
★ Customizable playground
★ Mini-game with your pet fish
★ Lots of rules settings
★ Relaxing music
★ Positive atmosphere

Fantasy Checkers – a traditional and inspiring board game known almost all over the world. The rules differs from one country to another, but the main goal is always the same- to capture all your opponent’s pieces.

★ Different rules of checkers
★ 1-2 players modes
★ Six Fantasy environment themes
★ Different board views
★ Sound effects
★ Chilling classic music
★ Rules guide
★ Statistics
★ Undo function

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Checkers Quest Bundle

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December 26, 2022


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