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Bonfire Peaks Lost Memories

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Bonfire Peaks

Bonfire Peaks

A 3-part DLC series for the critically beloved puzzle game, each with new mechanics and new puzzles.

Get ready to fan those embers and rekindle the campfires in Bonfire Peaks: Lost Memories, a 3-part DLC for the critically beloved puzzle game.

With new mechanics, thoughtful new puzzle design, and new areas to explore, the Lost Memories DLC has something special in store for all puzzle fans.

Lost Memories can be played on a fresh savefile, but for the best experience we recommend first playing through Bonfire Peaks. Each part of Lost Memories is roughly 1/4 the size of the base game.

Part 1 is out now, with parts 2 & 3 coming in 2023.

"Bonfire Peaks is a gorgeous experience, with a multitude of puzzles that will challenge even the most hardened genre aficionado." - Finger Guns
"A lot of love and care was put into the development of Bonfire Peaks, and it shows." - KeenGamer
"One of the most elegant of its kind in years" - Edge

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Bonfire Peaks Lost Memories

ESRB rating

Blood, Violence

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March 2, 2023


ESRB rating

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57 MB