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In Bakeborough, a Bakery RPG, you can take out your eye to see less.

In Bakeborough you can be a sweet muffin who can swap the organs to change character stats!

Bakeborough is a cute bakery RPG with an upgrade system based on swapping organs in your body, action based fight system, and focuses on exploration.

The plot: The main story revolves around the missing main character's boyfriend, who was captured by a gain insect hive mind. We will have to explore the town and mystery locations around to find the hive mind and discover many mysteries about a queer bakery town!

In Bakeborough you can:
Pull out your eyes to see ghosts and secret objects
Swap your organs to change your stats
Fight evil insects who are going to eat your friends
Steal some organs from your fellas to prank them
Try to date a wholesome bun
Be happy, be afraid

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Product information

Release date

September 1, 2023

No. of players


ESRB rating

Supported play modes

TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

Game file size

734 MB

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