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Nintendo Switch

Axis Football 2023

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Axis Football is a simulation-style football game featuring the industry's best franchise mode, massive customization, and realistic gameplay.

Axis Football 2023 features completely redesigned gameplay, endless customization, and the industry's best franchise mode.

New In Axis Football 2023:
-Completely overhauled several aspects of gameplay to create a brand new playing and viewing experience
-Redesigned the entire tackling system, adding over 300 different tackles
-Implemented momentum and physics based tackling
-Redesigned the entire defensive back logic and animation system, adding over 200 different interception and pass deflections
-Added primary and secondary precedents to zone coverage
-Redesigned the entire pass catching system, adding over 400 different catches
-Implemented diving, jumping, and sideline catch
-Added new route running, pivot, and cutting movements
-Redesigned the entire QB throwing system, adding over 50 different throws
-Implemented a massively flexible pre-snap motion system for the offense
-Redesigned the UI animation system for cleaner UI navigation
-Massive optimization allows for easy-to-achieve 60 FPS
-Six new stadiums: Cleveland, Buffalo, Houston, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Denver
-Auto-substitutions due to fatigue
-Logos can now be placed on helmets in the team creator suite
-Bug fixes from previous versions

Franchise Mode Features:
-Multiple league setup options (NFL-style, Tier style)
-All-time record tracking
-Player Contracts
-Practice Squads
-Free Agency
-Retiring Players
-Weekly and Yearly Awards
-Dynamic, tiered league structure with playoffs, promotions, and relegations
-Unlimited seasons
-16 week seasons
-Player progressions based on performance, age, potential, and playtime
-End of season drafts
-Season-long team stats
-Individual league leader stats
-Franchise stats
-Depth chart control
-Play, coach, spectate, or simulate matches
-League and team schedule viewer
-Spectate other matches

Game Modes:
-Player Vs AI
-Coach Mode (1p & 2p)
-Spectator Mode
-Local Player Vs Player
-Franchise Mode

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Product information

Release date

February 10, 2023

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Supported play modes

TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

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4.2 GB

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