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The Battle of Polytopia

From the deep oceans a long lost civilization appears! Their extreme isolation has given them special aquatic abilities that are unknown to the other tribes.

Having risen from the depths of the ocean to fight in Square-wide struggle, the underwater-breathing, fish-like Aquarion have summoned their aquatic allies to take dominion over their land-dwelling kin.

Unlike the other tribes, the Aquarion have a unique style of gameplay. Instead of getting Riders, Knights, or Giants, the Aquarion are given replacements, the quick Amphibian, ranged Tridention, and hardy Crab, respectively. These units are all amphibious, meaning they can move from land to water tiles, and back, with ease! The Aquarion are also given new replacement technologies to make this new gameplay style possible.

The Aquarion have a unique relationship with the water that other tribes don’t have. While they still have access to the standard naval units, the Aquarion have new units that excel in amphibious hit and run tactics. The Amphibian, Tridention, and Crab all have Escape, meaning they are very hard to pin down when near a coast, as they can simply retreat away from enemy attacks. Since Aquarion terrain is full of water, they are able to get out onto the seas very easily!

Aquarion Features:

* Rise from the briney deep and conquer the land as Aquarion!

* Tame the amphibious Turmelon!

* Raid the coasts with the agile Amphibians!

* Use trident-throwing Tridentions to wrest control of the seas!

* Enforce your dominion of the oceans with powerful Crabs!

If you like a tribe that has a unique water-based gameplay, or you simply have a fondness for the sea, then the Aquarion are the perfect tribe for you!

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October 12, 2022


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3 MB