Nintendo Direct 9.23.2021

Nintendo Direct Spotlight

New Hunts on the Horizon

A first look at the massive, paid DLC expansion for MONSTER HUNTER RISE

Join Kirby in an Unforgettable 3D Platform Adventure!

Explore this mysterious world in spring 2022

Introducing Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

Learn more about this new membership plan coming in late October

New Research Footage From Splatoon 3 Uncovered!

Check out the latest from the Squid Research Lab

Your Favorite Umbra Witch Is Back and More Powerful Than Ever!

Watch the latest trailer for Bayonetta 3

Nintendo Direct Headlines

It’s Almost Time to PAR-TAY in Mario Party Superstars!

Party with friends and family across a superstar collection of boards and minigames

A New, Spellbinding RPG Is in the Cards

Fight in turn-based card battles and uncover the secrets of the Dragon’s Isle

New Stages, Stories, Playable Characters, and More... the Wave 2 DLC for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Start Your Engines and Get Set for a New Racing Experience

Race as Chocobo and more in local and online multiplayer

New Content Coming to Your Island!

More details in next month’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct

Two Games, One Game Update, and a Whole Lot of Fun!

Live in a magical world, choose between good and evil, and get that golf club swingin’!

Face Hordes of the Infected in Two Dying Light Games

Do you have what it takes to stay human?

Utility...Morality...Liberty... Where Will Your Conviction Guide You?

Experience the fiery chronicles of war, presented in stunning HD-2D graphics

Dread Lurks Just Around the Corner

Samus Aran’s latest mission is filled with terrors unknown

Disco Elysium – The Final Cut Hits Nintendo Switch

Use a revolutionary dialogue system to interrogate people and solve murder cases...or not!

There’s Plenty to Play in These Collections!

Defeat Count Dracula (again) and explore a cyberpunk/fantasy world

The Legendary Actraiser game, Now Remastered in HD, Is Coming to Nintendo Switch!

Vanquish monsters in side-scrolling action, then cultivate lands to build a thriving civilization

A New Chapter Is Coming to DELTARUNE!

UNDERTALE’s parallel story unfolds its second chapter

A Slew of Games Heading to Nintendo Switch

Demons and racing and arcades, oh my!