Nintendo Direct 9.14.2023

Nintendo Direct Spotlight

Get a Side Order of Splatoon 3 DLC

Gear up for the second wave of the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass DLC

Take Your Seats––It's SHOWTIME!

Save a theater from an evil troupe in a brand-new game starring Princess Peach

May the Fastest F-ZERO Pilot Win

Be the first to the finish line in this 99-player battle royale

Welcome (?) to Rogueport

A Nintendo GameCube classic returns with enhanced graphics on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Direct Headlines

Recover the Stolen Mini-Marios

Guide Mario and track down the toys Donkey Kong stole

Save the Prince and the World

Guide Sargon as he sets off to rescue the Prince of Persia and restore the world's balance

Chase Your Passions

Is it racing, or music, or photography? (Or all three?!)

Watch Out! He Knows about Action Commands

Get the battle basics to take on a rogues' gallery of enemies and bosses

Find the Traces of Your Past…

Relive the mystery when two investigative adventure games return with enhanced visuals

A New SaGa Begins!

Six heroes, 17 interconnected worlds, and many riveting journeys await

Embark on Lara Croft's Original Adventures in One Daring Collection

Three classic Tomb Raider games are coming to Nintendo Switch for the very first time

A Second Bolt of Brilliance

Solve mysteries with the personality-packed Detective Pikachu

This Game's a Real Toot––Er, Hoot

Honk your way through nearly 50 songs in Trombone Champ, available now!

Battle Your Way to Victory

Emerge victorious in battle in these Nintendo Switch games

Embark on a Royal Adventure

Traverse a vibrant world, assemble units, and direct them to battle in this tactical fantasy RPG

Luigi Ain't Afraid of Ghosts (Actually He Is)

Go on a ghost hunt across five mansions in the spooky Evershade Valley

One Little Hero, One Humongous Problem

Craft a magical experience in the whimsical land of Bandle City

Let's Move into "Form"ation!

Embody a chicken, a model, and more in over 200 lightning-fast microgames

A Heroic Tale Will Unfold

Lead an army of over 100 heroes and put an end to an empire’s invasion

Pixel-Perfect Play

It’s a pixel-perfect platter of games!

The Final Wave of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe –– Booster Course Pass DLC Races In!

Start your engines for the final eight courses and four returning characters

Welcome to the Fungle

A brand-new map for Among Us is...uh, among us

A Sizzling Lineup of Games

Take a quick look at some games coming to Nintendo Switch from September onward