Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase 6.28.2022

Nintendo Direct Spotlight

It’s Time to RISE Again

Save a kingdom from calamity in this massive expansion

An Adventure of Cosmic Proportions Awaits!

Mario and the Rabbids blast off to save the Sparks from otherworldly foes

Three Persona Games Will Steal Your Heart…

…on Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Direct Headlines

Is This a Curse? Or Some Kind of Punishment?

Reclaim Earth in this award-winning post-apocalyptic action RPG

Immerse Yourself in Surreal Riddles and a Chilling Story…

…in this modern take on puzzle adventure games

Classic Characters on Nintendo Switch

Play as Bomberman, Mega Man, AND Pac-Man!

Two Unlikely Friends, One Incredible Journey

Find a way home across the snowy wilderness in Blanc

ARRR! A Swashbuckling Adventure Returns!

Get ready to monkey around in the latest Monkey Island game

There’s Something for Everyone

Explore ruins, build railways, and draw your way to victory

Experience the Evolution of Sonic

Speed into a new style of open-zone platforming

Live Magically in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Adventure across this world of dreams alongside your Disney and Pixar friends

Adventure Anytime, Anywhere

Take these globetrotting jaunts on the go

Boundless Adventure in a Treasure Hunter’s Paradise

Discover ravishing riches with a brigade of mild-mannered monsters

Journey to These Unforgettable Worlds

One of them might even have cake…

Begin Your New Life in the Fantasy World of HARVESTELLA

Can you stop the season of death from destroying your village?