Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase 2.21.2024

Nintendo Direct Spotlight

Explore, Build, Survive, and Thrive

Embark on an enormous adventure of pint-sized proportions and survive the world of Grounded

The Fate of the Wasteland Rests in Your Hands

The original Epic Mickey game returns on Nintendo Switch

Return to the World of Goo

Build, splash, explode, destroy, fly, and roll your Goo to the goal in this physics-based puzzler

A Rare Assortment of Classic Games

Play them on Nintendo Switch Online or Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion!

Dive Deep and Explore a Mysterious Underwater World...

…in an all-new Endless Ocean game

Nintendo Direct Headlines

The Story Begins Again

Explore a beautiful world defiled by corrupted magic in this sequel to ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights

Your Adventure, Your Way

Pick your path in these Nintendo Switch games

Embark on a Tale of Vengeance…

…in this untold Shin Megami Tensei V story

Unite and Fight

It's all for one and one for all!

Time for Some Serious (Monkey) Business

Go bananas in the latest entry in the Super Monkey Ball series

Craft Your Story, 1000 Years in the Making

Travel between the past and present in a brand-new FANTASY LIFE game

One Crab's Trash Is Another Crab's Treasure

Collect all sorts of trinkets to fight off crabby predators in a vast undersea world

Dash! Drop! Drill!

Games? Demos? DLC? They're all available…TODAY!

Music and Stories and Adventures, Oh My!

Nintendo Switch has them all…and more!