Supply chain

CSR procurement policy

Procurement policies 

To further ensure that we fulfill our social responsibility throughout our entire supply chain, Nintendo established the Nintendo CSR Procurement Guidelines in 2011. We distribute these guidelines to our production partners and require that they adhere to them.

These guidelines incorporate advice from external experts, as well as the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)* standards, and we work to ensure all the points listed are followed. In addition to Japanese and English versions, we have also created a Chinese version so that more people can access these guidelines in their native language.

*RBA is an organization that promotes the creation of a safe working environment, treatment of workers with respect and dignity, and sustainability improvements in the electronics industry.

Understanding and improving factory conditions

Nintendo of America evaluates factory conditions in our supply chain through third-party audits. We place an emphasis on human rights and labor practices, as stipulated in the Nintendo CSR Procurement Guidelines. During third-party audits, auditors interview workers at the production site in their native language, review relevant documents, and inspect production facilities and dormitories. The auditors validate compliance in various areas, including employment contracts, prohibition of child labor and forced labor, legal minimum wages, management of working hours, and workplace health and safety.

Follow up for improvements

To verify that non-conformities identified during third-party audits have been corrected, we require that the factories develop a corrective action plan. We review their progress in implementing the plan to ensure that issues are addressed in a timely fashion. We believe that ensuring responsible practices are understood and implemented by our production partners and factories is essential for bringing smiles to our supply chain.

Global CSR Procurement Working Group

We believe promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities throughout our entire supply chain helps cultivate CSR awareness among our suppliers and production sites, leading to improvements in working conditions, which will create more smiles for everyone in our supply chain. 

We are confident that, in addition to increasing worker retention and productivity, these initiatives also make it possible to stably produce high-quality, appealing products, thereby enabling us to deliver smiles to everyone Nintendo interacts with, which, of course, includes our consumers.

We will continue to focus on communication and mutual understanding, working closely with our production partners to actively promote CSR activities.

Nintendo established the CSR Procurement Working Group to holistically share information related to each country’s CSR procurement activities in the supply chain. 

This working group brings together representatives of the Nintendo group from all around the world, each sharing the status of their CSR procurement activities, as well as discussing initiatives for the group as a whole.

Additional priorities