Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I get a free trial before I purchase?

Yes. Anyone with a Nintendo Account can get one free, seven-day trial through Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.

During the free trial, you’ll have access to benefits including online play in compatible games, a selection of NES™ games with newly added online play, and more!

Free trial automatically converts into a 1-month membership for $3.99/month, unless you turn off automatic renewal before the end of the free trial.

How do I purchase a membership for Nintendo Switch Online?

Nintendo Switch Online memberships are available for purchase on, in Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch system, and through select retailers.

Will membership plans be charged automatically?

No, Nintendo Switch owners won’t automatically become members, so they will need to purchase an Individual or Family Membership in order to avoid disruption of their online play in compatible games.

If I buy additional Nintendo Switch Online memberships while I already have an active membership, what happens to the remaining time on my active membership?

If you have an active Individual Membership and purchase another one, the new subscription term will be added to the time remaining on your current term.

For example, if you have 35 days remaining on your Individual Membership and buy a 365-day Individual Membership, your remaining subscription term will now be 400 days. You can add Individual Memberships up to a total term of three years.

Note that you cannot combine Family Memberships and Individual Memberships

Can I change from an Individual Membership to a Family Membership?

You can purchase a Family Membership and set it for automatic renewal even if you have an active Individual Membership. This will turn off automatic renewal for your Individual Membership.

However, your subscription terms won't be combined; your Individual Membership will remain active until the end of its term.

What is the difference between an Individual Membership and a Family Membership?

Individual Memberships allow one Nintendo Account holder access to the Nintendo Switch Online service. They are available in 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month increments.

Family Memberships give up to eight Nintendo Account holders access to the Nintendo Switch Online service for a 12-month period.

If you have more than one person to share the plan with, you can save on the total cost of the annual membership per person.  The more people in your family group, the more you’ll save.

As the purchaser of a Family Membership, you will need to be at least 18 years old and save your credit card or link your PayPal account to your Nintendo Account via Nintendo eShop.

If I own multiple Nintendo Switch systems, will I need a separate membership for each one?

No. Nintendo Switch Online can be used on any device by signing in with the Nintendo Account that purchased the membership.

If I purchase a Family Membership, how do my family members access the Nintendo Switch Online service?

You can set up a family group of up to eight total Nintendo Accounts via your Nintendo Account settings. That way, everyone in your family group can use the Nintendo Switch Online service.

How to set up a family group >


Can child accounts be added to a family group and use a Family Membership for Nintendo Switch Online?

Yes. Any Nintendo Account associated with the family group can use the Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership. Parents may use Nintendo Switch Parental Controls to set restrictions.

Nintendo Account holders must be age 13+ to use the Nintendo Online Service smartphone app; restrictions for this app can be managed with your smartphone's parental control restriction settings.

Can I turn off automatic renewal for a Nintendo Switch Online membership?

Yes, you can turn off automatic renewal under Your Subscriptions within the Shop Menu in your Nintendo Account settings or under Your Subscriptions in Account Information on Nintendo eShop on your device at any time up to 48 hours before the end of the subscription term.

How do automatic renewal payments work?

If automatic renewal is set, the subscription amount will be deducted from your Nintendo Account funds within 48 hours before your subscription is set to expire.

If you don't have sufficient Nintendo Account funds, the balance will be charged to the payment method (credit card or PayPal for Nintendo Account holders ages 18+) you selected when you purchased the membership.

Learn more about automatic renewal in Support >

How is the membership type for automatic renewal decided?

Your membership will automatically renew for successive periods matching the original term at the then-current price, plus applicable taxes, unless you turn off automatic renewal.

The exception to this is that the 7-day free trial will automatically convert to an ongoing 1-month (30 day) Individual Membership unless you turn off automatic renewal before the end of the trial.

Keep in mind that if you purchase a new membership type while you still have an active membership, automatic renewal will be for the most recent membership.

After my Nintendo Switch Online membership expires, will my online save data and my Nintendo Entertainment System™ - Nintendo Switch Online data be erased?

If a Nintendo Switch Online membership expires, users won’t be able to access their Save Data Cloud backups. However, Nintendo will allow users who resubscribe within 180 days to access their previous Save Data Cloud backups.

Classic games in the NES – Nintendo Switch Online collection and the save data for those games will not be removed unless the user chooses to do so manually. These items are stored locally on the Nintendo Switch system but cannot be accessed without an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Is Nintendo Switch Online needed for online play for the Wii U™ or Nintendo 3DS™ family of systems?

No, this service is only for Nintendo Switch systems.

Can NES - Nintendo Switch Online games be played offline?

Yes, these games can be played offline for up to 7 days as long as you have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.

If someone I am playing with online uses voice chat, will I be automatically added to the voice chat?

No, you will never be automatically added to voice chat. You select whether or not to join voice chat, regardless of whether other players have joined. Note that all smartphone app features, including voice chat, are restricted to users age 13 and over.

Can I quit voice chat without ending my online play session?

Yes, you can quit voice chat at any time from the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, including during online play. You can also mute specific players.

Do you need to use both Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers at once?

No, you can redeem each voucher individually whenever you like, as long as it’s within a year of your purchase.

How many vouchers can I buy?

You can buy as many as you like, but can only have eight unredeemed vouchers at one time.

Which digital games can I get with the vouchers?

When will I be able to redeem a voucher for an eligible game releasing in the future?

When an upcoming eligible game becomes available for pre-purchase on or Nintendo eShop, you’ll have the option to redeem a voucher for the game. 

Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online play. Not available in all countries. For the latest list of countries, please visit Customer Support. Internet access required for online features. The Nintendo Account User Agreement, including the Purchase and Subscription terms, apply.