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Nintendo Switch

Upgrade to the full version of the game

This item will be sent to your system automatically after purchase.

Required to play:

Chocobo GP Lite

Upgrade to the full version of Chocobo GP and get special items!

Once you upgrade you can…

- Play all the game modes, including Story Mode and Time Attack!
- Pick up some exclusive gear by exchanging the gil and mithril you have earned for various items!
- Unlock numerous customisation options for your characters and vehicles. Sweep to victory in the Chocobo GP looking exactly how you want!

*This additional content can only be played if you have already downloaded Chocobo GP Lite. Please download the Lite version first or purchase the set that contains both the Lite version and the upgrade to the full game bundled together.
*It is possible to carry over save data from the Lite version to the full game.

Software description provided by the publisher.

Product information

Release date

March 10, 2022


ESRB rating

Game file size

262 MB