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SHIMAZU is a side-scrolling action/dark art style game. Take on the role of a samurai named Shimazu.

SHIMAZU is a side-scrolling action/dark art style game. Take on the role of a samurai named Shimazu, who's son is kidnapped and his wife is killed by an evil demon called Takeda with help from another demon called Fudo. The last 10 years Takeda was sealed away by Shimazu.

Shimazu is to take his Revenge and try to rescue his son, the game needs. strategic thinking and memorizing with extra focus on avoiding traps, pitfalls and taking down strong warriors blocking your path!

To improve the skills you can upgrade the samurai by upgrades that can be bought with coins and diamonds that can be collected during play.

• Dash: This can be used in close combat and can eliminate the target in one attempt but can’t be used for long-range attacks.

• Disappearing: This offers you the chance to remain unseen around your enemies and attack them without knowing where the attack is coming from.

• Throw Shuriken: This cannot eliminate them at the first attempt so you have to repeat it one or two more times but it can be used to attack the enemies from a long distance.

• Checkpoints: The Checkpoints can't move, but you will have the ability to put a new checkpoint at the same position you standing, This will show up after a while of passing levels.

With a grand total of 42 unique levels, Shimazu is the ultimate speed runner hack and slash experience which will challenge you for hours with rewarding game mechanics.

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ESRB rating

Blood, Violence

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Product information

Release date

June 26, 2023

No. of players

ESRB rating

Supported play modes

Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

Game file size

532 MB

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