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Nintendo Switch

Castle of Heart + Jet Kave Adventure Bundle

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Experience two thrilling adventures in this action packed bundle.


A mesmerizing action-platformer that will test your skills and determination. Play as a cursed knight, turned to stone by the evil sorcerer’s spell. Fight to break free from the curse and rescue his true love. Navigate through hauntingly beautiful environments, from desolate graveyards to eerie castles, while battling against monstrous creatures. But remember – the body of stone has its limits! It disintegrates permanently as the knight loses the energy, strategically collect magic and power-ups, defeat enemies and bosses to regain your stone body strength.

- Beautiful and detailed 3D graphics
- Changing landscape, weather conditions and rich backgrounds
- Dark fantasy atmosphere inspired by the Slavic mythology
- Inspired by the best action platformers from the golden age of the genre
- Utilizing spectrum of Nintendo Switch™ features


As a banished tribe chief embark on a daring quest to save your people from impending doom by utilizing your newfound abilities to soar through lush jungles, treacherous caves, and towering cliffs using a jetpack! Encounter dangerous enemies, solve intricate puzzles, fly over pitfalls, smash through walls, and uncover secrets as you traverse the vibrant landscapes to stop the alien threat once and for all.

- Save the island and Kave’s honor in a playful “Stone fiction” adventure
- Jetpack through 36 colorful levels riddled with hazards and rich with secrets
- Use your trusty club and alien jetpack to smack and whack 30 types of enemies
- Show what you’re made of in breakneck flight sequences and boss fights
- Master jet-fueled platforming to find collectibles and upgrade your gear
- Enjoy a 2.5D adventure platformer tailor-made for Nintendo Switch™!

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Product information

Release date

June 22, 2023


Game file size

6.3 GB