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Nintendo Switch

AAA Clock Platinum Edition

AAA Clock

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Always with you - AAA Clock. Spin Clock, Digital Clock are included! Try out the new, fully customizable DLC's for AAA Clock!

Here it is, what all gamers have been waiting for - AAA Clock, an amazing flip clock.

Imagine a watch. A simple, fail-proof design. Well, simple. But what if your watch was... amazing? RedDeerGames introduces the world's only AAA Clock - a truly new quality watch for the Nintendo Switch™ console!

Key features:

- Super production quality while incorporating classic clock mechanics
- A premium product for the demanding users
- HD Clock with full support for OLED technology
- Retro game included! Just play and relax

These are just a few of the most important features of this product - AAA Clock also supports full customization - turn on any color or enable color-sensing mode for your Joy-Con™ controllers.

AAA Clock can be used as a decorative accent color on your desk, but also as a practical reminder to set the alarm when you leave work.

Enjoy the new and reliable AAA Clock in your flat, on the terrace, or in the lobby - AAA Clock is your personal timepiece wherever you are.

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Release date

July 8, 2022


ESRB rating