80Types of Minigames

Consider your path to victory carefully,or make a snap decision for the win as you cooperate and compete in 80 different game genres.Enjoy a myriad of Mario minigames made possible by Nintendo Switch!

Trike Harder

Croozin' for a Broozin'

Dust Buddies

Perfect Fit

Isthmus Be the Way


Trip Navigator

Sign, Steal, Deliver

Juice Box

Go with the Flow

Sizzling Stakes

Look Sharp

Dart Gallery

Rowboat Uprising

Miner Setbacks

Snack Attack

Absent Minded

Block and Load

Train in Pain

Fetch Quest

Barreling Along

Don't Wake Wiggler!

Drop Shot

Pull It Together

Suit Yourselves

Sphere Mongers

Feeding Friendsy

Bopping Spree

Hammer and Sic 'Em

Fireplace Race

Senseless Census

Stake Your Claim

Drop Quiz

It's the Pits

Strike It Rich

Social Climbers

Rumble Fishing

What a Racket

Just for Kicks

Time to Shine

Can Take Pancake

Rattle and Hmmm

Pie Hard

Bumper Brawl

Take a Stab

Lost in the Shuffle

Metal Detectors

Tall Order

Lit Potato

All-Star Swingers

Lost in the Shuffle

Air to a Fortune

Making Faces

Get Over It

Rhythm and Bruise

Gridiron Gauntlet

Follow the Money

Maths of Glory

Half the Battle

Pep Rally

Candy Shakedown

Lightning Round

Dash and Dine

Net Worth

Wiped Out

Fuzzy Flight School

Timing Is Money

Fruit Forecast

Sort of Fun

Fiddler on the Hoof

Soak or Croak

Smash and Crab

Nut Cases

Home on the 'Rang

Clearing the Table

Looking for Love

Off the Chain

Tow the Line

Penguin Pushers

Baton and On
To the left
To the right

Minigame Mayhem on Challenge Road!

Try this single-player mode to complete a selection of challenges from the 80 minigames. Aim to win in all the available worlds to become a Minigame Master.