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Smoots Pinball

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Hilarious Pinball game based on the Smoots universe with multiplayer!

Welcome to Smoots Pinball, the ultimate multiplayer pinball experience. In this thrilling game, you'll enjoy classic pinball action on 5 unique and exciting tables, each based on our popular Smoots games.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and reach a score of 1,000,000 points? Flip the paddles and launch the balls with precision to rack up as many points as possible. But that's not all, each table has special missions for you to complete, unlocking extras and additional challenges.

Smoots Pinball is perfect for solo play or with friends. Why not compete against each other to see who can achieve the highest score? Thrilling multiplayer matches will keep you hooked for hours!

In addition to unlocking multiballs and achieving high scores, you'll also have the chance to complete secret missions to unlock music, models, and other special images in the game's extras.


- 5 exciting pinball tables based on popular Smoots games.
- Engaging missions and challenges on each table.
- Thrilling multiplayer mode to play with or against friends.
- Unlockable extras, including music, models, and images.
- Test your pinball skills and aim for that elusive 1,000,000 point score.

Dive into the fun and excitement of Smoots Pinball, an exhilarating pinball game that will keep you entertained and challenged as you strive for pinball perfection on each table! Are you up for the challenge and ready to become the pinball king? Discover it now on Nintendo Switch™ !

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Informações do produto

Data de lançamento

16 de novembro de 2023

Número de jogadores


Classificação Indicativa

Modos de jogo compatíveis

Modo TV, Modo semiportátil, Modo portátil

Tamanho do arquivo do jogo

395 MB

Idiomas compatíveis

Espanhol, Inglês

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