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Pixel Game Maker Series ISEKAI QUARTET Adventure:Action Game

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Take control of Albedo, Megumin, Emilia, Tanya, and Raftaria, and conquer all 18 stages!
The first Isekai Quartet action game for Nintendo Switch™!

One day, a "button" suddenly appeared in the classroom.
Pressing the button transports you to a mysterious world.
Will everyone be able to return to the school safely?

【Game Content】
●Adventure in an amazing and mysterious world!
A total of 18 stages in 6 areas with a variety of tricks!
There's something awfully familiar about those enemies...
Dodge & Defeat your foes on your way to clearing the stage!

●Familiar Characters
Albedo, Megumin, Emilia, Tanya, and Raftaria are all playable characters.
Each has a different jumping power and attack method.
In addition to direct attacks, you can even grab enemies and throw them
Find a favorite character that fits your play style!

●Support Skills!
Collect items to use support skills!
Ainz, Kazuma, Rem, Veesha, and Naofumi will lend their abilities to help the player.

●Find the hidden items!
Complete the "Isekai Quartet" Gallery!
In each stage, there are hidden items that can be viewed in the "Gallery" once collected.
Will you be able to find all the items?

"Pixel Game Maker Series" is a series where you can enjoy games created using the action game production software " Pixel Game Maker MV"(Not available on Nintendo Switch™) on Nintendo Switch™.

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Classificação Indicativa


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Data de lançamento

17 de junho de 2021

Número de jogadores

Modos de jogo compatíveis

Modo TV, Modo semiportátil, Modo portátil

Tamanho do arquivo do jogo

295 MB

Idiomas compatíveis


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