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Lord Winklebottom Investigates

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Lord Winklebottom Investigates is a 1920s murder mystery, point and click adventure featuring a dashing giraffe detective!

It’s the 1920s and the world’s foremost detective is about to embark on his most challenging case yet. A mysterious invitation to an isolated island results in a grisly murder and a race against time to track down the killer. Thankfully, in this world that’s not quite like our own, there’s nobody better to crack the case than the great detective and gentleman giraffe, Lord Winklebottom.

Join Lord Winklebottom and his steadfast companion Dr Frumple as they investigate the murder of their old friend. Uncover clues, interview suspects and solve puzzles to crack the case, capture the killer and uncover the horrifying dark secret at the heart of the Isle of Barghest!


Full English voice acting.

An original 1920s inspired soundtrack featuring live instruments.

Play as a gentleman giraffe!

Unique 2D hand painted artwork.

Animals of all shapes and sizes!

Streamlined point and click interface.

Collection of bizarre characters to interrogate!

Dozens of puzzles to solve!

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Lord Winklebottom Investigates

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Informações do produto

Data de lançamento

28 de julho de 2022

Número de jogadores

Modos de jogo compatíveis

Modo TV, Modo semiportátil, Modo portátil

Tamanho do arquivo do jogo

675 MB

Idiomas compatíveis

Alemão, Chinês Simplificado, Espanhol, Francês, Inglês, Italiano, Japonês, Russo

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