Nintendo Switch

Eye Exercise - Ver. kompeito

The screen looks 3D! I can see it!
Do you have "stereoscopic vision"?
The way to do it is to look at your hand as if you were looking at the distance.
If you are not sure, ask a nearby teacher or adult.

When you start the game, the stereoscopic view begins.
Please move to the right while avoiding obstacles.
The stages are endless and the difficulty level increases little by little.

It is fun even if the game is over.
You will be able to continue the game by pressing the "A" button.

*But please be careful not to overdo the game.
Stop after listening to one song of the game music, for example.
Let's play for 5 minutes only...
In between other games.
Please set your own rules and enjoy the game.

BGM : MaouDamashii

Classificação Indicativa

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Data de lançamento

26 de maio de 2022

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Classificação Indicativa

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Modo TV, Modo semiportátil, Modo portátil

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93 MB

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