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Airport Flight Administrator Simulator & Air Traffic-Sky Airplane Sim Plane Games

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In Airport Flight Administrator Simulator you have the chance to know the smallest details of how a big airport works.

Play the game and get to know what it feels like to be employed at an airport! In Airport Administrator Simulator you get the chance to experience the life of an airport employee. You will be responsible for taking care of the airport. Make sure that everything goes by the plans. You get to decide wether a passenger will get to their destination or not, by checking their documents, by making sure there��s nothing illegal in their luggage and so on. Make sure people don’t miss their flights and get to the airport on time.
By working at the airport, you will be paid. With the money you make, evolve and ugprade your airport and your service to further fulfill your customers’ needs. Build upon your quality of airport service and become the biggest and most important airport in the country!
Game features:
-More than 8 departments (including a hospital, a restaurant, customs, etc) to manage.
-Check the documents and luggage of the passengers.
-Complete their tickets for the flight.
-Patient care by providing first aid.
-Feed your customers with delicious dishes.
-Pleasing and cartoon-ish graphics.
-Relaxing gameplay.

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6 de outubro de 2022

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Classificação Indicativa

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