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Adventure Word: Around the World

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World Trip using English words! Solve unique and thrilling English word puzzles operated with your fingers and adventure on hundreds of stages around the world!

Touch and swipe the screen to complete the word. The exciting story of the main characters, Jerry and Shelley, unfolds. English words appropriate for the region and topic stimulate your imagination and curiosity. Pretty graphics such as fairytale animations, make gameplay more enjoyable.

·If you touch an English word, it will be explained in English. So you can understand the meaning of the English word more easily and study English. (Only English will give a word explanation.)
・More than 400 stages of vast volume from all over the world await your challenge.
・As you clear the stage, Jerry and Shelley's story unfolds little by little.
・You can collect background items by visiting landmarks around the world.
・Use items to get hints for English words and clear the stage.
・Collect all of Jerry and Shelley's pretty outfits from around the world.
・Today's stage, where you can challenge yourself every day and obtain various items, also appears.
・Simple but addictive game makes it easy to memorize English words.
・Cute pets also appears to help you travel around the world, so collect them all.

Study English words using unique and fun controls such as touching and swiping the screen,
and travel the world with Adventure Word,
where you can enjoy the story of the two main characters!

My name is Jerry!
Same routine every day and night…
I don't want to live like this. I need to find my life!
Wait New York, I'm coming!
I can't believe I'm on a plane right now… unbelievable!
Hi, nice to meet you! Times Square!
Wow, so excited. I can't believe I can take such great pictures!
The unique beauty of this city that I want to capture in my eyes…
And… you are beautiful!

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9 de novembro de 2023

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571 MB

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Alemão, Chinês Simplificado, Chinês Tradicional, Coreano, Espanhol, Francês, Inglês, Italiano, Japonês, Português, Russo

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