Adventure Stage

Kirby is lost in a new world that blends civilisation and nature

Kirby meets mysterious Elfilin and sets out the adventures to save the Waddle Dees, kidnapped by the shadowy Beast Pack!

Move every which way in this great adventure!

The action we've come to love with Kirby is now in 3D stages. Use Kirby's inhale, spit and copy ability to enjoy the fun in 360°!

Search every corner of the stages as you work to save Waddle Dees being held at the goal.

Forgotten Land CharactersForgotten Land Characters

The young adventurer brought 
to the land on a 
spring breeze.
Kirby is a glutton who likes to inhale anything.
Sucked in by a strange vortex who appeared in the 
atmosphere of Planet Popstar, Kirby was 
unceremoniously plonked 
in this mysterious new world.
Kirby meets this mysterious kid
in the new world.
Elfilin joins Kirby on his adventure to save
the Waddle Dees from the Beast Pack.
Waddle Dee
Lost in the new world with Kirby.
Waddle Dees are being kidnapped 
by the 
ferocious Beast Pack,
having their food taken, 
and are now 
generally in big trouble!
The Beast Pack
A shadowy enemy of the new world.
They kidnap the Waddle Dees
but for what end...?
Meta Knight
The aloof swordsman has also arrived 
in the 
new world.
Kirby and the Meta Knight
are sure to cross swords sometime...
King Dedede
The well-known self-proclaimed King
is also in this new world.
Something seems to be different
from usual...?