[Switch] How do I update software titles?

When your console is connected to the Internet, software updates will be downloaded automatically.

Notes about automatic downloads

  • "System Settings" → "System" → "Auto-Update Software" must be turned on. The software on the HOME Menu (up to 12 titles) will then be set to update automatically.

  • When you first launch a title, your console will automatically check for software updates.

You can also update titles manually, as described in the following section.

Manual update procedure

Make sure your console is connected to the Internet, then move the cursor over the software icon on the HOME Menu and press the + Button. On the menu that appears, select "Software Update" → "Via the Internet".

* If the system version of your console is out of date, some titles may not be able to update. If that happens, perform a console update first.

Updating via nearby users

Even if you're currently unable to connect to the Internet, you can use local communication to make your version of software match that of the people you're playing it with.

Version matching procedure

* Version-matching with local users requires your console system version to be at least 4.0.0.

1. With the software closed, place the cursor over the software icon on the HOME Menu, and press the + Button.

2. Select " Software Update" → "Match Version with Local Users".

3. Designate one user to select "Create Group". All the other users should then select "Join Group".

From there, follow the on-screen instructions.

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