Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ring-Con durable?

The Ring-Con uses an internal spring made with lightweight yet strong fibre-reinforced plastic.

The Ring-Con's internal spring is made with a material called "fibre-reinforced plastic", which is also used in the shipbuilding and aviation industries. The material has subsequently undergone endurance testing for its application to commercial products. The controller has been designed and assessed in use so players can be assured of its robustness and be confident that it will not break easily if used as indicated.

How do the Ring-Con and leg strap detect body movement?

The Nintendo Switch console detects player movement using data obtained via the Ring-Con and Joy-Con sensors.

The Ring-Con's high-sensitivity force sensor can detect force from players pushing or pulling on the controller. Additionally, the Joy-Con (R) uses its on-board accelerometer and gyroscope to detect a variety of movements, such as spinning, tilting, etc. The leg strap is wrapped around the left thigh with the Joy-Con (L) inserted into its pocket. It then utilises its accelerometer and gyroscope to measure lower body movement, in the form of steps and knee bends.

How does the game measure my pulse?

The Joy-Con is used to check changes in the amount of light reflected by hemoglobin in the blood.

Under infrared rays from the Joy-Con (R) IR Motion Camera, minute changes in the amount of light reflected from the fingertips are monitored. One attribute of hemoglobin, which is present in the blood, is that it reflects infrared light. When the heart beats, the amount of blood flowing to the fingertips fluctuates, and accordingly, there are fluctuations in the amount of infrared light reflected. These phenomena are utilized to measure the player's pulse.* The values are estimates only, and not for medical evaluation purposes.

What kinds of exercise can I perform in the game?

Ring Fit Adventure offers a wide range of exercises, selected under specialist supervision.

You can enjoy over sixty different types of exercise in Adventure Mode and as part of the Minigames, each selected under the supervision of personal trainer Kaoru Matsui and yoga instructor Mika Saiki. By checking with the in-game coach Tipp, you can exercise with natural, proper form.

Personal Trainer: Kaoru Matsui

Yoga Instructor: Mika Saiki

Can I still enjoy this title even if my fitness is a bit lacking?

You choose settings that best fit you as an individual, so everyone can play at an appropriate level.

Ring Fit Adventure allows you to choose one of thirty exercise load levels that best suits you, based on you normal exercise frequency and desired level of workout intensity. You can also adjust the strength required to squeeze and pull the Ring-Con to a level that suits you personally. As both adjustments can easily be made in-game, you can choose settings that suit your individual strength and stamina.
Also, the amount of time stretching before and after exercise has been set aside, allowing you to select personally appropriate warm-ups and cool-downs. It's also possible to swap in button controls for exercises that place too much strain on a specific part of your body.

Does this title offer a sufficiently long play-through?

At half an hour per day, the game's content offers over three months of play.

In Adventure Mode, you use your body as you progress through the adventure. Using your entire body as you go, you make your way through the game's 20+ worlds and 250+ courses, but even after clearing these challenges, you can still continue the fun! Aside from Adventure Mode, there's also Quick Play Mode, Custom Mode, where you focus in on your favourite exercises, and Multitask Mode, where you exercise using just the Ring-Con. You can keep having fun exercising, enjoying the variety on offer.* Exercise load settings differ depending on play modes and methods.