[Switch] I can't charge my controller. What should I do?

If your Joy-Con or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is not charging properly, check the following.

* If your Nintendo Switch console won’t charge, see here.

Is the charging icon displayed?

On the HOME Menu, select "Controllers". A charging icon should appear beneath each controller being charged. If there is no charging icon, please check you are correctly charging your controllers.

Is the controller already fully charged?

If your controller is already fully charged, a different icon will be shown to indicate that it is not being charged.

If the charged icon appears as soon as you begin charging your controller, it could mean that the controller is already fully charged.

* If you try to charge a controller when it is already fully charged, the charging icon will appear briefly. However, it will immediately be replaced by the charged icon.

(For the Nintendo Switch console) If Joy-Con controllers are attached, is the AC adapter plugged into the console?

When charging Joy-Con controllers through your console, the AC adapter must be plugged in or the controllers will only be charged to approximately half capacity.

In order to fully charge your Joy-Con controllers, either plug the AC adapter into the console or connect the console to a dock that's powered by an AC adapter.

* When the console is in Handheld Mode or Tabletop Mode, Joy-Con charging begins when they have less than half of their battery capacity remaining.

(For the Nintendo Switch console) Is the console to which your Joy-Con controller is attached turned off?

Any Joy-Con controllers attached to a console that is off will not charge.

Attach your controller to the console when it is turned on or in Sleep Mode.

* Joy-Con controllers attached to a docked console will also not charge if the console is turned off.

If the above solutions do not resolve your issue, there may be a fault with your controller or the device you are using to charge it.

Please contact your local customer service centre.

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