[Switch] My console won’t charge. What should I do?

If your console is not charging, please check the following.

* For details on how to correctly charge your console, see here.

Are you using the official Nintendo Switch AC Adapter?

Please use an official Nintendo Switch AC Adapter [HAC-002] to charge your console.

* The Nintendo Switch AC adapter can be used to charge either the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo Switch Lite.
* If your console won’t charge, check you're not using a different AC adapter (such as the USB charging cable [HAC-010] supplied with controllers).

Is your AC adapter plugged directly into a mains socket?

You should connect your console directly to a mains socket rather than using an extension cord or power strip.

* AC adapter and power outlet configurations may vary by country.

Is the AC adapter properly connected to the dock?

* The Nintendo Switch Lite is not compatible with the dock.

When connecting the AC adapter to the dock, ensure that the plug is properly inserted.

(Please check that it is not inserted into the USB or HDMI ports.)

Is the charging indicator displayed?

Turn on your console and look for the charging icon at the top-right of the screen.

* The light on the dock is not a charging indicator. (It comes on when there is video output to a TV screen.)

If the charging icon isn't shown even when the AC adapter is properly connected, please try the following.

1. Remove the AC adapter from the mains socket.

2. Remove the AC adapter from the console or dock.

3. Wait for at least 20 seconds.

4. Insert the AC adapter into the mains socket.

5. Connect the AC adapter to the console or dock.

If the console won’t turn on even after a long period of charging

Your console may have frozen.

Press and hold the POWER Button for at least 12 seconds to turn the console completely off. Then press the POWER Button again to turn the console on.

* A Nintendo Switch is pictured here.

If none of the above methods resolve your issue, please contact your local customer service centre.

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