Horse Club Adventures

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The wonderful characters from the HORSE CLUB™ created by Schleich come to life!

Visit the famous Lakeside Riding Stable and experience thrilling vacations full of adventure together with Hannah, Sarah, Lisa, Sofia and their horses! 


Horse Club Adventures carries you off to the wonderful world that revolves around the Lakeside Riding Stable. Together with Hannah, Sarah, Lisa, Sofia and their horses, you experience lots of thrilling adventures! There is an amazing amount to discover in this open world game. The popular Horse Club™ game characters and the lovingly designed locations at Lakeside, such as the café, the caravan and the riding stable, are brought to life here. 

Horse Club Adventures is an excitement-packed action adventure with numerous quests, popular mini-games, intriguing secrets to be revealed and loads of unlockable items, as well as collectibles and customization options. 


• Lively, colorful and detailed world including many familiar and new 

characters along with the settings from the Horse Club™ world!


• Over 40 different main quests with a gripping story revolving around Lakeside! 


• 30 optional sidequests, including a thrilling tale about the mysterious Edith Jacobs that involves her, too!


• Numerous optional mini-games, such as horse grooming and cleaning hooves!


• All sorts of unlockable new outfits and embellishments for the game character. For example, new hairstyles, breeches, blouses, boots, riding helmets in the widest variety of colors.


• Numerous unlockable embellishments for your own horse,

such as tail types, manes, saddles, blankets and colors for a maximum degree

of customizing.


• Fabulous collectibles, such as stickers and photos that are unlocked one after the other.


• 90 race courses with three degrees of difficulty are distributed across the world and

invite to galloping to achieve the fastest lap time. 


• Marvelous soundtrack with numerous electrifying pieces of music

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Release date:
May 27, 2021
1 player
Adventure, Racing
Wild River Games
Wild River Games
Game file size:
1.4 GB
Supported Languages:
French, Spanish, English, Italian, Dutch, German
Supported Play Modes:
TV mode

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Handheld mode

ESRB Rating: