Sangre, Lenguaje moderado, Violencia
Nintendo Switch


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A thrilling ninja action game based on the hit original anime “NINJA KAMUI”!

Play as a shadow named Tsukumo as you slash and shoot your way through hordes of henchmen and deadly ninjas, discovering origins untold in the anime with this exhilarating 2D ninja action side-scroller.

Power up with your special "TYPE 0" boost gear to unleash hell on anyone foolish enough to resist!

But be careful who you trust, your life is literally ticking away with your boost gear counting down the seconds until it's game over.

・Immerse yourself in this side-scrolling action game that lets you experience the world of the original anime!

・Master the art of timed attacks for devastating combos that keep enemies on their toes.

・Utilize homing kunai to stun locked-on enemies and gain advantage of the battle with your own unique style!

・Explore 3D mode by attacking enemies and collecting various items from a first-person perspective.

・Storytelling through captivating comic strips and character dialogues during each stage will help reveal hidden truths.

・Challenge yourself in Score Attack mode, competing with other players from around the world on the online leaderboard!

Step into the role of Tsukumo, a member of the Ninja Organization within AUZA, committed to eradicating all traces of "evil" within its ranks.

One day he learns that a deadly attack by AUZA mercenaries on his former comrades is being planned. He receives an experimental "TYPE 0" boost gear from his buddy, J, a researcher in the same organization.

Tsukumo arrives at the hidden village of the “exiled ninja” where he encounters the leader of the AUZA Ninja Organization - Lil, Big D, and others...

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Sangre, Lenguaje moderado, Violencia

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Información del producto

Fecha de lanzamiento

30 de mayo de 2024

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Modos de juego compatibles

modo televisor, modo semiportátil, modo portátil

Tamaño del archivo

1.7 GB

Idiomas compatibles

Inglés, Japonés

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