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Raft Survival Simulator

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Master the Ocean's Challenges: Craft, fish, defend against sharks, and expand your raft into a thriving haven in this immersive and unforgiving survival simulator.

Welcome to the world of "Raft Survival Simulator" – an immersive survival simulator at sea! Find yourself in the middle of the ocean on a small, makeshift raft, and your task is to turn this modest means of transportation into a thriving floating haven. Your survival depends on your resourcefulness, creative thinking, and ability to harness the resources that the ocean provides.
Key Features of the Game:
1. Crafting Various Items: Utilize the resources the ocean offers to craft a variety of items for your raft. Start with simple tools and progressively evolve to more complex structures.
2. Hooking Objects: Use a grappling hook to skillfully snag drifting objects. This not only allows you to collect valuable resources but also helps you avoid dangers lurking in the waters.
3. Fishing and Cooking: The ocean is teeming with diverse fish. Go fishing, catch fish, and use them for cooking. Satisfy your hunger to maintain your strength in this unforgiving environment.
4. Water Filtration: Since ocean water isn't always suitable for drinking, develop a filtration system to ensure a supply of clean and safe water. This is a key aspect of your survival.
5. Shark Attacks: Be cautious, as sharks patrol these waters! Develop defense mechanisms and learn to fend off attacks from these aggressive predators.
6. Decorative Building: Give your raft a unique look by adding various decorative elements. Create a cozy space for survival as you navigate the challenges of ocean living.
7. Expanding the Raft: Move forward by upgrading your floating base. Increase the size of your raft, add new sections, and enhance your survival capabilities.
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of " Raft Survival Simulator " and showcase your survival skills in the harsh conditions of the ocean, where every decision matters for your progress and survival.

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4 de febrero de 2024

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Modo televisor, modo semiportátil, Modo portátil

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