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Call of Honor - Duty of Warfare

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Answer the Call, Honor your Duty, and Dive into Tactical Warfare. Navigate Intense 5v5 Skirmishes, Decimate Your Foes, and Uncover the True Duty of Warfare!

Immerse yourself in the epic battlefield with "Call of Honor - Duty of Warfare," a groundbreaking experience that combines the intensity of team-based combat with a gripping narrative. As a member of a 5-person elite squad, you'll engage in thrilling 5v5 skirmishes against a rival team, each with the shared objective of depleting the opposing side's 1000-point score before they eliminate yours.

Key Features:
- Tactical Mastery: Assume the role of a skilled operative and lead your team through heart-pounding matches against a relentless enemy force.
- Points-Based Warfare: Engage in intense firefights where each kill results in a point deduction from your team's score. The stakes are high – the first team to lose all their points faces defeat.
- Dynamic Locations: Explore five meticulously designed locations, each presenting its own set of challenges and opportunities.
- Arsenal of Destruction: Arm yourself with a vast array of more than 20 different weapons, ranging from powerful firearms to strategic grenades.

Prepare to answer the call, honor your duty, and engage in warfare like never before. "Call of Honor - Duty of Warfare" is a solo-player masterpiece that combines intense team-based action with a riveting narrative, delivering an unparalleled gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch™. Get ready to embark on a journey where every decision counts and only the strongest will prevail!

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Sangre, Violencia

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23 de febrero de 2024

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Modo televisor, modo semiportátil, Modo portátil

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3.8 GB

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