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    Registering a Wii Friend

    Please note that in order to access the Address Book and register a friend, you must first connect your Wii console online. Please click here for information connecting online.

    1. From the Wii Message Board main menu, select the Create Message icon.


    2. Select "Address Book" icon from the available options.


    3. Move your cursor over "Register" and press the A Button.


    4. You will have the option to select a Wii address, or an e-mail address for a PC or cell phone.

    Important Notes about PC and cellphone e-mail addresses:

    • To communicate with someone using a PC or cell phone, they must "reply" to an e-mail that is sent from your Wii console once you enter their e-mail address in your Address Book.
    • If you are entering a cell phone's e-mail address, it must be the phone's full e-mail address with a "@". For example, 5555555@phonecompany.com. If the owner of the cell phone is not sure if their phone has an e-mail address, they will need to contact their cell phone service provider for more information.
    • You may want to inform the person you are adding to your Address Book that they will receive an e-mail from your Wii console with an address that begins with a "w" and contains 16 digits. It will be from "@wii.com" (for example: w1234567891234567@wii.com).
    • You will not be able to send photos from your Wii console to the PC/cell phone user.

    Use the virtual keyboard to enter the e-mail address and nickname for the friend.