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    The Wii MotionPlus Jacket has become detached from the sensor unit.

    If the Wii MotionPlus Jacket becomes detached from the sensor unit, follow the directions below to reattach it.

    1. Hold the Wii MotionPlus Jacket and sensor unit facing towards you, as shown in the diagram.



    2. Insert the sensor unit into the jacket.
    Push the sensor unit into the base of the jacket.
    Do not exert too much pressure on areas such as the connector plug.



    3. Push the prongs on the inside of the jacket into the holes on the back of the sensor unit.
    Stretch the jacket in order to fit the two prongs on the inside of the jacket into the holes in the Wii MotionPlus sensor unit.



    4. Use your fingertips to ensure that the jacket hooks at the base of the sensor unit pass cleanly through the two holes in the jacket.
    Adjust the base of the jacket with your fingertips until the two jacket hooks are completely visible through the holes in the jacket.



    5. Check that the sensor unit is properly attached to the jacket.
    In cases such as the ones depicted below, please review steps 1-4 once more and correctly attach the jacket to the sensor unit.



    If Wii MotionPlus fails to operate normally even after performing the steps above, please contact Nintendo Consumer Service.