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    Nintendo eShop Pre-Order is Suspended


    • A pre-order will remain suspended until 60 days after the game or DLC is released, after which it will be cancelled. If resolved, the pre-order will be restored and the game or DLC will be downloaded starting from seven days before the product is released.
    • A Nintendo eShop pre-order will be suspended, or placed on hold, if the Nintendo Switch console was sent for repairs and deregistered as the primary console for the Nintendo Account that was used to make the pre-order.

    What to do

    1. To restore the pre-order, link the Nintendo Account that was used to place the pre-order to a Nintendo Switch console, if it is not already linked.
    2. From the HOME Menu, open Nintendo eShop and select the Nintendo Account that was used to place the pre-order. The pre-order will be reinstated when Nintendo eShop is opened.
    3. To verify the status of your pre-order, select your user icon in the top-right corner of Nintendo eShop and scroll down to Pre-Orders to view all open pre-orders.