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    Online Interaction Guidelines for Parents

    Learn more about some of Nintendo's best practices for online interaction in video games.

    Certain Nintendo Switch games require a Nintendo Switch Online membership for online play. With a Nintendo Switch Online family membership, up to eight Nintendo Accounts in a family group can use Nintendo Switch Online services, even if everyone lives under a different roof. You can set restrictions for each supervised account via Parental Controls.

    Visit this page to learn more about Nintendo Switch Online family memberships.

    1. Set guidelines with Parental Controls

      Take control of what your child can (and can't) do on their console, from accessing the internet to sharing personal information. Nintendo Switch consoles and Nintendo 3DS systems have Parental Controls that let you set rules for using the device so that you can spend less time worrying and more time having fun.

      For more details, check out this article about How to Set Up or Adjust Nintendo Switch Parental Controls.

    2. Keep personal information private

      Talk to your kids about how they shouldn’t share information like their name, address, email address or phone number on the internet. Gamer handles, or online names, shouldn't include any identifying information, such as their age or actual name.

    3. Get to know their online friends

      Online interaction is one of the biggest concerns facing parents today. You can use Parental Controls to restrict your child's ability to interact with other players online. Encourage your child to tell you if they receive a friend request from an unknown user, or if they notice any suspicious activity between friends.

    4. Help prevent cyberbullying

      If your child is being harassed by other players while playing a Nintendo game online, you can contact customer service and issue a complaint. You can also block users from contacting your child via their console.

    5. Encourage face-to-face fun with friends

      Online gaming is fun, but it's no substitute for real-world friendships. Make sure your kids and their friends are maintaining social ties.