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    Unable to Power Off the Console or the POWER Button Does Not Respond


    • The console in the Nintendo Switch family will not power off when the POWER Button is pressed.
    • The screen is stuck on the Power Menu and will not respond.
    • When holding down the POWER Button for at least three seconds, the Power Menu is not displayed.

    Additional Information:

    • In order to power off the Nintendo Switch console, press and hold the POWER Button for at least three seconds, then select "Power Options" > "Turn Off". More info
    • Simply pressing the POWER Button once will not turn off the console, but will rather put it into sleep mode.

    What to Do:

    1. Remove any game cards or microSD cards from the console.
    2. Hold down the POWER Button on the console for at least three seconds to access the Power Options, then select "Turn off".
      • If the Power Options menu cannot be accessed, or if the console does not respond, press and hold down the POWER Button for at least twelve seconds to force the console to shut down.
    3. Then press the POWER Button to turn on the console and ensure it has the latest system version.

    Situation Not Resolved:

    If the console cannot be powered off, or if this issue occurs frequently, the Nintendo Switch console will need to be repaired.

    Please click here to book a repair.