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    The Battery Charge Indicator Displays Incorrectly


    You are able to continue using the console for a few hours even though the battery charge indicator is almost depleted.

    Additional Information:

    The Nintendo Switch console takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge when the console is powered off or in sleep mode. Charging time will be longer if the console is in use.

    When fully charged, the battery duration for the console can last approximately 3 hours. This will vary depending on the software application and functions being used.


    The battery charge display will not be fixed immediately after performing the steps below only once. It will be necessary to repeat this process several times.

    Complete These Steps:

    1. Ensure the console has the latest system update. The steps below apply to system menu version 3.0.1 or higher.
    2. Set the Auto-Sleep mode to "Never" for "Playing on Console Screen" and for "Connected to TV."
    3. Connect the AC adapter directly to the console until the battery is fully charged.
      • If the battery charge indicator does not reach 100%, simply allow the console to charge for approximately three hours.
    4. Once the battery is fully charged, leave the console alone for one hour with the AC adapter still connected to it.
    5. Afterward, disconnect the AC adapter and allow the console to display the HOME Menu for approximately three to four hours.
      • The remaining battery life must be depleted as much as possible.
    6. Once the battery charge is almost depleted, power off the console by holding down the POWER Button for three seconds, then select "Power Options" > "Turn Off." Leave the console alone for at least 30 minutes.
    7. Repeat steps 2 - 6 several times.
      • The battery charge indicator will improve gradually by repeating this process several times.

    If the issue persists, please contact us for support.