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    Not Enough Space to Download Nintendo Switch eShop Content

    There is not enough space to download digital content / a specific game from the Nintendo Switch eShop.


    • Storage requirements vary by game.
    • Information about specific game storage requirements (including whether a microSD card is required) is always located on the game packaging (physical versions) and in the Nintendo eShop (digital versions).
    • You should always verify that you have the required storage space before making your purchase.

    What to Do:

    • Expand the available memory on your Nintendo Switch system by purchasing a microSD card.
      • A microSD card can be used to save screenshots and software data, including downloaded software, software updates, and DLC.
      • MicroSD cards are available in different sizes, and are also useful for future digital purchases.
      • Nintendo does not currently sell microSD cards. However, they are available through many different retailers.
      • For information about using microSD Cards on Nintendo Switch, click here.
    • Verify the current amount of storage space on your Nintendo Switch console, and delete or archive files that you are not currently using.
      • Game save data is stored on the console’s System Memory, and cannot be saved or copied to a microSD card. To free up space in the System Memory, go to Systems Settings → Data Management → Delete Save Data.
      • Software data (including downloaded software, software updates, and screenshots) can be stored on the System Memory or on a microSD card.
      • For general information about data management on Nintendo Switch, click here.