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    How to Update Fire Emblem: Three Houses

    In this article, you'll learn how to apply the latest software update to Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

    On 13 February 2020 a new software update for Fire Emblem: Three Houses became available for download. Please take a moment to download and install this update while your Nintendo Switch console is connected to the internet.

    Additional Information:

    • This update must be applied in order to use the game’s online features.
    • Save data will still be available for use after downloading the update.
    • If the console is connected to the internet, the update will download and install automatically.

    Complete These Steps:

    1. Connect the Nintendo Switch console to the internet.
    2. Return to the HOME Menu and launch the game.
    3. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically.
    4. Once the update is installed, the newest version number will be displayed on the title screen.

    Update Details:

    Click the version number below for information about the update. Each update also includes all previous updates.

    Version 1.2.0

    • New and Updated Features
      • You can now select the Dancer Ensemble costume for the protagonist in Unit Appearance.
      • You can now change your unit’s appearance from the activity-selection screen on days off and mission days, in addition to changing within your Personal Quarters while exploring.
        • Access Unit Appearance by pressing the L Button on the activity-selection screen.
      • You can now change the appearance of all characters simultaneously in Unit Appearance.
        • Do so by selecting Everyone at the bottom of the character list in Unit Appearance.
      • Added a new support partner for Bernadetta in the Crimson Flower chapter.
      • You can now deliver Lost Items to Rhea. In addition, you can now invite Rhea to Tea Parties.
        • Tea Parties with Rhea can be unlocked by accepting the additional quest Esteemed Company from Rhea.
        • The additional quest will become available from Ep. 5, Tower of Black Winds, onward as long as Tea Parties have been unlocked. It is also necessary to complete the Lost Item quest: Lost? Found!
      • Ally costumes have been set to display as “War” in Hunting by Daybreak regardless of In Battle settings.
    • New and Updated Features for Expansion Pass
      • Added Side Story (Cindered Shadows) from the Expansion Pass.
        • Begin by selecting Side Story on the title screen, regardless of your main story progress.

          There are two difficulty levels: Normal and Hard (there is no Maddening mode).

          Save data for the Side Story is separate from the main game. There are three save files. (Autosave is also separate from the main game.)

          To continue where you left off, select Continue from the title screen, and then press either the ZL Button or the ZR Button to switch between the main game and side-story save files.

      • Added the following content to the main game as you progress through the Side Story:
        • A new explorable area in the monastery

          Speak to the Shifty Merchant near your Personal Quarters.

        • Recruit new characters in the monastery

          They can only be recruited during Part I.

        • Added new quests, activities, classes, paralogues related to the new characters, new support conversations, etc.
        • New costume available for Anna called Tricky Merchant from the Expansion Pass
      • Added feature that displays breed names for the dogs and cats you can feed around the monastery as part of the Expansion Pass.
      • Added a new online statistic, This Month's Sauna Enthusiasts, for participants of the Sauna activity from the Expansion Pass, which can be viewed on the calendar or the loading screen when playing online. Only those who have purchased the Expansion Pass can view these statistics.
        • Online features require a Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and a Nintendo Account.
    • General
      • Fixed a bug regarding an incorrect number of years for the rebellion of the Imperial House Hrym in one of Lysithea’s conversations.
      • Fixed the bug causing the effects of the Nuvelle Chamberlain Co.’s gambits Battleground Café and Evasive Partner (from the Expansion Pass) to not end after one turn as the gambit explanation text specifies.
      • Fixed the bug that sometimes caused the game to turn to a black screen after skipping the item acquisition dialogue during battle.
      • Fixed the bug that sometimes incorrectly displayed damage for critical hits with the Enlightened One class.
      • Fixed the bug that prevented battalions from displaying in the correct order when sorted by endurance in the unit list.
      • Fixed the bug causing the order of combat arts in the combat forecast to differ from that of the status screen.
      • Fixed the bug that sometimes prevented reinforcements from appearing correctly after using Divine Pulse in Maddening difficulty.
      • Fixed the bug that sometimes displayed “Learned the Magic []” when Faith was increased regardless of whether or not any magic was learned.
      • Fixed the bug that sometimes displayed the text from Shifty Merchant during certification exams.
      • Unified graphics used for the enemy character Myson.
      • Fixed the bug that hindered the monastery owls’ ability to fly starting in Ver.1.1.0.
      • Fixed incorrect information in some epilogues.
      • Fixed the bug that sometimes listed the same track name multiple times in the Music Library.
      • Fixed the bug that sometimes displayed female Byleth’s name as male Byleth in the Support Conversation viewer.
      • Fixed some character model appearances.
      • The gameplay has been improved by addressing a few additional bugs.

    Version 1.1.1

    • New and Updated Features
      • A new outfit (Sothis Regalia) is now available for expansion pass holders.
        • The new outfit (Sothis Regalia) has been provided for the protagonist. It can be selected via Personal Quarters in the monastery.

    Version 1.1.0

    • New and Updated Features
      • Increased the number of save files from 5 to 25. Note: The increased number of save files will require approximately 12MB of additional system memory space. If you don’t have enough space, you can delete some application data or screenshots saved in the album.
      • Added a new option called "In Battle" in Appearance Options. This option allows the player to select the monastery outfits for battle as well.
        • Note: You can set this from the Unit Appearance menu in Personal Quarters.
        • Note: Depending on the outfit/character/class combination, some outfits may not be reflected for mounted units.
      • Added feature that allows players to hide the UI when viewing a character in Unit Appearance.
      • Added new allies that will join in Part 2: Crimson Flower.
      • Changed the song that plays in the opening movie to the Korean version when the system language is set to Korean.
      • Added additional quests and new outfits (Servants Attire, Summer Wear and Evening Wear) from the Expansion Pass.
        • Note: Additional quests include new activities, such as the sauna, feeding cats and dogs and recruiting new battalions.
        • Note: Additional quests are marked with a light-blue icon during Exploration.
        • Note: New outfits (Servants Attire, Summer Wear and Evening Wear) are provided for the protagonist and for the playable characters. They can be selected via Personal Quarters in the monastery.
      • Added an additional element of the Expansion Pass, making Anna available for recruiting in the monastery after the third chapter, Mutiny in the Mist.
        • Note: Anna can participate in battles and activities.
        • Note: Anna does not have Support relationships.
        • Note: Recruiting Anna unlocks a new paralogue after a certain chapter.
        • Note: It’s possible to set Anna as a traveler, but the recipient cannot recruit her as an Adjutant unless they also own the Expansion Pass.
        • Note: If a player has not purchased the Expansion Pass, only one of the new characters in the Expansion Pass can visit as a traveler.
      • Added Gifts for Dogs and Cats to the viewable rankings during the loading screen and the calendar screen while playing online.
    • General
      • Fixed a bug that accidentally turned students who aren’t from the protagonist’s house into allies in Chapter 1: Three Houses.
      • Fixed a Ver. 1.0.2 bug that caused an unintended sound to play at the beginning of Chapter 1: Three Houses (“The Academy" in the Movie Gallery) when the language is set to English.
      • Fixed a bug that caused Dimitri’s face to sometimes display incorrectly.
      • Fixed a bug that prevented a support conversation event from happening when certain inputs were made after increasing Support levels while exploring the monastery.
      • Fixed a bug that did not display the upward arrow during the Choir Festival day (though the bonus was still being added, despite the missing arrows).
      • Fixed a bug that displayed an incorrect stage name screen sometimes during the screen transitions.
      • Fixed a bug that caused the game to freeze when talking to a character in the monastery on rare occasions.
      • Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed the character HP when selecting Convoy during battle.
      • Fixed a bug that set the Adjutant Follow-Up activation rate lower than intended for certain Support levels.
      • Changed the item the sniper holds from Spear to Silver Bow in the final episode of Part 2: Crimson Flower on Maddening difficulty.
      • Fixed a bug that sometimes showed blank epilogues.
      • Revised some text.
      • Improved gameplay by addressing a few additional bugs.

    Version 1.0.2

    • New and Updated Features
      • Added Maddening mode to the New Game difficulty options. Note that if you clear Maddening mode without selecting New Game +, the title screen will change.
      • Increased the bonus Renown for selecting New Game + at the start of the game.
        • In addition to the usual difficulty bonus, 10,000 Pts. will now be added each time you clear a path.
        • The max threshold for bonus Renown is now 50,000 Pts.
        • If you already started playing using New Game + before applying the DLC data, 10,000 Pts. per cleared path will be added to each save slot the first time it is loaded.
        • Up to Ver. 1.0.1, only the type of path cleared was saved but not the number of clears for the same path, which will now be saved applying the DLC Ver. 1.0.2.
      • Added Goddess Tower to the Event Gallery in Extras. Use the ZL/ZR Buttons to select the Goddess Tower page, then choose a character event to replay.
        • The Event Gallery is unlocked once you’ve cleared the game.
      • Implemented new English voice for Byleth (male).
      • New Expansion Pass Content:
        • A new set of items
          • You can receive this set of items as DLC Supplies from the bed in Byleth’s Personal Quarters. Each save file can receive these supplies: Sacred Galewind Shoes (Movement +1), Sacred Floral Robe (HP +7), Sacred Snowmelt Drop (Strength +3), Sacred Moonstone (Speed +3).
        • Additional auxiliary battles
          • There are five additional auxiliary battles in the Expansion Pass: Battle at Lake Teutates, Battle in the Forest, Battle at Gronder Field, Battle at the Sealed Forest, and Battle at Conand Tower.
          • Depending on your progress, one of them will be listed in the battle-selection screen.
          • These additional auxiliary battles will be marked with the yellow “!” icon in the battle-selection screen. As a bonus, these battles may give you status-up items, such as Ailell Pomegranate, and an increased Gold reward in addition to the Bullions.
          • All maps will consume one activity point to start.
        • A new song (Corridor of the Tempest)
          • You can access the new song (Corridor of the Tempest) from the System menu while you are in an auxiliary battle. You can also listen to it in the Music Library.
        • New attire/accessory (House Loungewear / Glasses for Byleth)
          • The new attire (House Loungewear) is for the protagonist and students. Swap outfits in Byleth’s Personal Quarters from the Journal. These outfits are only wearable inside the monastery, or for specific unit classes during battle (this varies by character).
          • The new attire cannot be sent along with a traveler.
          • The new accessory (Glasses) can also be put on in Byleth’s Personal Quarters. They can be combined with any other attire. The glasses can be worn in the monastery and during battle.
        • A confirmation message is now displayed when you abandon an item during battle.
    • General
      • Fixed the bug that caused the game to freeze when Fortify was used while equipped with a certain skill.
      • Addressed the incorrect character design in event still images.
      • Fixed the bug that incorrectly displayed a Caspar line as Linhardt’s during the White Heron Cup.
      • Fixed the bug that displayed a “TBD” message when mastering combat.
      • Fixed the bug in the cut-in sequence for a CRITICAL attack.
      • Fixed the bug that prevented Rescue magic from working properly to move an ally to a space near the user.
      • Fixed the bug that accidentally let the player enter the closed-off desk corridor in the Cardinals' Room.
      • Some text has been revised.
      • The gameplay has been improved by addressing a few additional bugs.

    Version 1.0.1

    • Added an item to the title screen that links to Nintendo eShop.
    • Added the ability to change Byleth’s outfit in your Personal Quarters in the monastery.
      • By purchasing the Expansion Pass, you’ll be able to change into the Officers Academy Uniform for Byleth.
      • Note that the Officers Academy Uniform for Byleth is only reflected within the monastery or if playing as the Commoner class in battle.
    • Addressed several issues to improve gameplay.