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    How to Attach/Detach the Joy-Con to the Ring-Con Accessory

    In this article, you’ll learn how to attach and detach Joy-Con controllers from the Ring-Con accessory, for use with Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch.


    • The Ring-Con is designed for use with Ring Fit Adventure. This accessory is not compatible with other games or software.
    • For assistance setting up the Leg Strap accessory, follow our steps on How to Attach the Leg Strap Accessory.

    Complete these steps

    1. Align the “+” symbol on the Ring-Con with the + Button on the right Joy-Con.
    2. Use the rail at the top of the Ring-Con to slide the Joy-Con into place until you hear a click.

    Detaching the Joy-Con

    Press the release button on the back of the Joy-Con while sliding the Joy-Con from left to right.