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    Getting Started with Pokémon HOME

    In this article, you'll learn how to get started and link a Nintendo Account to Pokémon HOME on a Nintendo Switch console and/or smart device.

    Complete these steps

    On a Nintendo Switch console

    1. Download Pokémon HOME from Nintendo eShop.
    2. Launch Pokémon HOME from the HOME Menu using the Nintendo Account you want to link to it.
    3. Push any button on the title screen to proceed.
    4. Select your language, then Start.
    5. Read through the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice on the screen, then select Yes to agree.
    6. When asked if you are using Pokémon HOME on your mobile device, select Yes if you plan to also use the smart device version of Pokémon HOME.
    7. If asked if you have linked a Nintendo Account to the mobile version, select Yes or No to complete first-time setup.

    On a smart device

    1. Download Pokémon HOME on your smart device from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
    2. Launch the app on your smart device.
    3. Select your language, then Yes.
    4. Select your region and country, then select Yes.
    5. Enter your birthdate, then select Yes.
      • The date of birth cannot be changed, so make sure that you enter it correctly.
      • Some features may only be available to players age 16 and older.
    6. Review and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice, then select Next.
    7. Review the information on the screen, then select I agree.
    8. Select Link your account to link the same Nintendo Account that you are using with Pokémon HOME on Nintendo Switch.
      • It is strongly recommended that you link your Nintendo Account when setting up the app, to ensure that you don’t have issues later with syncing or transferring your Pokémon between the mobile and Nintendo Switch versions of Pokémon HOME.
      • A Nintendo Account is required to sync activity with a Nintendo Switch console, transfer data to a different smart device or move any Pokémon Bank Pokémon to Pokémon HOME.
    9. Select Yes, then follow the on-screen instructions to link an existing Nintendo Account or create a new one.
    10. Select Yes again to confirm the Nintendo Account link and complete first-time setup.